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$17.5M HIV Grant Aims to Create PrEP Implants That Last a Year

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Frank R Car

*****"I don't support PRep in any way" What a most hateful and bitter thing to say. I am continuously amazed and utterely angered by the comments that HIV positive people say. Are you so embittered that you would deny someone the chance to live a life without HIV? I am astounded and you should be absolutely ashamed for even think such a thing. What would your life be like now if you did not have to deal HIV? I wish I had had preP, now I HIV and did not get it in a bath house either.

August 11, 2015 Shreveport


Good news for the masses still living an unsafe-sex lifestyle! It's only effective if they use it tho so don't expect miracles. Otherwise it's more 2-faced headlines that read like "He infected me on purpose!" I'm trying not to be too negative, but I do agree with the previous poster completely, and I too would just prefer a cure. But 3 cheers for the hatemongers who now get to go buckwild in the face of all the ridicule we've faced by them, and for the exact same practices no less...

August 10, 2015

Paul Regalos Urban

Although convenience for the consumer is preferable to visiting your healthcare provider every 3 months for tests and check ins, we still have consider the greater implications for public health and the health of the individual. Those 3 month check ups which include labs and sti testing reveal if someone is carrying an aymptomatic sti and if their kidney's are functioning appropriately for their age. To go a year without labs and sti testing seems counterintuitive to the health of the individual

August 10, 2015 San Francisco


Notice that this is to deliver PRep and not to benefit those of us living with HIV. I don't support PRep in any way, this is just another reason why.

August 8, 2015 Portland


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