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Why Do Some Gay and Bi Men Stigmatize PrEP Users?

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Oh, and can I have one of them PrEP mugs for work?

September 9, 2018 UK


Anyway, I don't get the claim that "both perceived and experienced stigma of PrEP users are significant barriers to PrEP uptake". Why can't a person who experienced such just say to self, "$∆π¥ them bigots! I'll just take PrEP anyway for my own protection but just not tell them I'm using it if they are likely to react like that."?

September 6, 2018 UK


I agree with Nick44 on this. But I think many men won't go to their General Practitioner (GP) about PrEP - or else they will be very reluctant to do so - because they will be anxious about bringing up the subject. Most people don't have a known-to-be gayfriendly or gay doctor. Hence, the need for other clinics to dish out PrEP because they create an encouraging setting. OR TO FIND GAYFRIENDLY / NON PREJUDICED GPs of course.

August 27, 2018 UK


There are mixed feelings about PrEP users in the LGBT community. Granted that the drug has its purpose of prevent this deadly virus, many take advantage of the benefit and continue to have risky behavior. I think counseling should follow the usage of PrEP because although it suppose to prevent someone from contracting HIV there are many other STIs out there and there is also that slight possibility of becoming HIV positive. #facts

August 22, 2018 Las Vegas


Some of us are aware of what some men are doing, bi or gay, it makes no difference. I have worked in many emergency rooms in NYC, I am a health care provider, and many many times, people came in to get PrEP so that they can go on a wild night of unprotected sex and under the influence of substances. They literally said that to me!!!! The first time someone told me that, I almost vomited in the freaking room. So many lives lost and so much suffering and these people think this is a joke!!!

August 22, 2018 Bronx, New York


Encouraging promiscuity? Since when have gay men needed a reason to be promiscuous? As a Star Trek fan, I consider condoms and PrEP as primary and secondary shields. If the condom breaks, the PrEP has you covered! I'm positive now because PrEP didn't exist at that time, and I thought I was in a monogamous relationship, but I was the only one being monogamous. Trust me, you need PrEP. Furthermore, when did disease-ridden rapists start using condoms? End the stigma NOW!

August 11, 2018 OKC


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