As POZ went to press, hundreds of HIV/AIDS activists were planning to travel in a caravan to the Mississippi Delta to protest at the presidential debate on September 26 in Oxford. Their mission? Demand that the candidates create, articulate and promise, if elected, to implement a National AIDS Strategy.

POZ asked three positive protesters affiliated with the Stand Against AIDS caravans (the brainchild of Housing Works, a New York City–based AIDS service organization) what they hope to achieve.

Eric Bailey, 28 Jackson, Mississippi
“[Participating in] the caravan will be a tremendous beginning for those who’ve been [recently] diagnosed [with HIV] or have been afraid [to disclose]. It should encourage them to take a stand.”

Gregory Fordham, 48 Norfolk, Virginia
“Stigma is one of the biggest things [that we need to overcome]. I want quality HIV health care for all. It’s a chance to be a part of history.”

Loreen Willenberg, 54 Sacramento, California
“This is an opportunity for those of us who wish to speak [up] to meet each other. Actions speak louder than words. [We plan to make] a huge statement.”

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