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Prevention: Vaccine Ineffective

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@Johnny Boon, no, I come to this site because I'm both very fascinated by and very fearful of HIV. I sometimes point out the folly of us humankind. This did come from a reputable source which I can't find now. My point was that so much time and energy and money has been spent on HIV and AIDS, but we could have ended it if we all had given up sex for just 3 months, but that we aren't willing to nor could we organise this. So, instead more get HIV and we continue to fail to find a cure.

May 25, 2020 UK

Johnny Boon

@RichardUK do you just come here to be negative? This credible source that you name sounds full of it. People stop having sex is never the answer. What makes your source credible? What are they basing this nonsense approach on? Yea, stop having sex. Such a brilliant idea.

May 22, 2020 Alabama


Well, I heard it said recently - from a credible source that I don't recall - that if people stopped having sex for three months and HIV testing continued then the HIV epidemic could be stopped. This just shows how little people really care because: 1. Hardly anyone knows this. And 2. No one seems to care. And 3. You'd struggle to get humans to stop having sex for three months even though it would be for the greater good. Hence, there is no will to do this.

May 18, 2020 UK


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