On Looking, Eddie, who has HIV, warms up to Agustin, who is not living with the virus.

Guess how many recurring characters on all of television are HIV positive. Earlier this year, that number was one. His name is Eddie (played by Daniel Franzese of Mean Girls fame), and he appeared in the second season debut of HBO’s Looking. But then came the season finale of How to Get Away With Murder, in which studly party-boy Connor (Jack Falahee) and his do-the-right-thing boyfriend Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) get tested for the virus as their relationship grows more intimate, only to find out that—spoiler alert!—it’s the conservative Oliver who tests positive.

When HTGAWM returns, it better spend some time showing us how these two guys deal with the situation. After all, HBO has canceled Looking, so for now Oliver is all we’ve got to watch.

To counter this dearth of HIV representation in entertainment, LGBT watchdog group GLAAD along with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and AIDS United have been urging Hollywood to be more inclusive. As part of that effort, they released a journalism style guide titled “HIV & AIDS in the News: A Guide for Reporting in a New Era of Prevention and Treatment.”
Oliver gets an HIV test on How to Get Away With Murder.