Prince Harry of Wales, the 32-year-old British royal and son of Princess Diana, has taken a series of HIV tests, most recently with pop star Rihanna on World AIDS Day. Why? To raise awareness and because “I want to make my mom proud,” he explains in a new ITV documentary, Prince Harry in Africa.

As the U.K. Express reports, the film, which aired in the United Kingdom December 19, looks at Harry’s charity work, especially in the African nation Lesotho, where he cofounded Sentebale, a charity that gives Lesotho’s children affected by HIV/AIDS a brighter future (read our POZ exclusive on Sentebale here).

In the documentary, Prince Harry tells journalist Tom Bradby, “I want to do something really constructive with my life. I want do something that makes my mother proud, and someone said, ‘Go to Lesotho.’”

He also talks about his new outlook on life and how he has struggled with his royal duties. No longer the bad boy of the royal family, he says, “It’s fun to be good, and boring to be bad. Though you can also be a bit naughty.”

To watch him and Rihanna get an HIV test in Barbados, click here.