A civil lawsuit alleges HIV discrimination, as well as international privacy violations, by the Prudential Insurance Company of America and KPMG, which is a global firm that provides audit and tax services. Tim Rease, a former senior manager at KPMG, was taken off his Prudential insurance benefits because of a disagreement about his disability status. Both companies have repeatedly attempted to overturn a 2003 legal precedent, which required them to provide long-term disability benefits to Rease after he was diagnosed with HIV-related cognitive complications in 2000. According to court records, Prudential has withheld his disability benefits since 2010, claiming Rease is not “totally disabled” and still able to perform the duties of his occupation, and alleging that he has a psychiatric somatoform condition without a medical diagnosis. Rease, who is considered disabled under the Social Security Act, also alleges that defendants were involved in illegally conducting covert surveillance operations on his apartment in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he is currently living as a temporary resident.