It’s no secret that AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is no fan of Truvada as PrEP—which is when HIV-negative people take the daily pill Truvada as a pre-exposure prophylaxis to lower their chances of becoming positive. The Food and Drug Administration approved Truvada as PrEP last summer, and during that process AHF filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to uncover documents and communications between the FDA and Gilead Sciences, which makes Truvada. The FDA refused. But, as Law360 reports, a federal judge in California ruled this summer that the refusal was not justified in all instances and that some (but not all) documents must be released.

In other PrEP news, prescription data as of March 2013 show that 1,774 people have started Truvada as PrEP—and that nearly half of them are women.