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Questioning COVID-19 Outcomes in People Living With HIV

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Unfortunately your experiences are not being replicated in studies in SA of HIV positive persons and COVID-19 if I understand the research. Would seem that level of immunosuppression does not matter much and that HIV is a co-morbidity factor here. Thank you for your contribution to our shared knowledge.

June 23, 2020 Cape Town South Africa


My two co-workers and I all came down ill at the same time, same symptoms like clockwork until the respiratory difficulties set in over the course of their illness. They tested positive for CV-19 whereas I did not. They continued to fight the illness for weeks as I was resumed back to normal health. I have so many questions about the relationship in HIV suppression and CV-19 defense. Put me in the group of people who believe there is a link in our HAART regimen and not succumbing to CV-19.

May 27, 2020 Seattle

Dima Dandachi

Dr. Jose Lares-Guia, to answer important questions, it is crucial to pool our data together, I would like to invite you to participate in an observational study about COVID-19 in patients with HIV by submit de-identified data about any COVID-19 case in patients with HIV REDCap. For more info please email me Thank you

May 7, 2020 MO


Thank you Dr Lares for being so dedicated and well informed to our HIV population. You continue to push for increased data to answer the newly raised concerns by HIV.

April 17, 2020


Being hiv poz since 1984, living in San diego since 97 with same Dr still, I agree with every word. A seasoned Dr is who I prefer, who want just do protical. From some theory I have read about it being manipulated the DNA actually has a sequence of 4 hiv Gene's in the covid 19 germ. I would suspect the hiv meds would have an effect on keeping it at bay if not completely to more mild condition. I would live to follow your findings.

April 16, 2020 SAN DIEGO


I have asked around an same in my local area in London, none really sick. (Not taking chances though.) Maybe the ARVs have an effect on other viruses as well including Covid-19 or the immune response is muted or just maybe the body of an HIV+ person is so used to fighting these types of viruses and already in constant state of alert because of HIV, it goes 'Well hello there, you seem familiar I'll kick you but I wont start a nuclear war.' Or maybe a combination of some or all of the above..

April 15, 2020 London UK


Do you think it might possibly have to do with the antiviral drugs that the majority of us are on? That would be my guess since the virus is said to be hiv related in some respect and the drugs we are taking do suppress our viral loads.

April 15, 2020 Pa.


I was truly wondering because I know a few HIV+ people, including myself and none of us have been sick. We've been wearing masks, but it's not like we weren't on the subway when this "broke" and live in a large building. I was wondering if the cocktail I'm on had any defensive properties. I'm social distancing and protecting myself, but perhaps a study of everyone HIV+ and whether they've gotten Covid-19 and outcomes needs to be explored. If so, maybe a cure or preventative maybe discovered.

April 15, 2020 NYC


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