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The Republican Health Care Plan Would Devastate People With HIV

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Stop back stabbing republicans on this. In reality it's a wait and see at this point. Have a little faith! Open your eyes to the good he's already done. Compassion for our cause Is still alive.

July 6, 2017 Texas


EVERYONE is going about this whole charade the wrong way. Obamacare was dead wrong to make health insurance a tax in the first place. Any replacement should be based simply on the following. 1. insurance companies must offer policies to ALL U.S. Citizens of natural birth. ( Born here not any other nation ) 2. Insurance companies should have a CAP ON HOW MUCH THEY CAN CHARGE FOR ANY POLICY.( similar to medicare ) 3. All states all types health care must be included and must cover pre existing.

June 13, 2017 TN


I don't know what you guys are reading but the best I can tell progress is moving like a snake. 30 yrs. Guys....come on. People are gonna do what they want no matter how much money is poured into it. Something wrong with this concept. We need to concentrate on drug companies purses

June 9, 2017 Texas


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