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In a Reversal, Facebook Removes Some Misleading HIV Ads

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An ad? Misleading!? So it ain't so Joe! In this case it would be the responsibility of the consumer and the doctor to understand all the possibilities when considering a new med. PrEP works, we know this to be true. Pharma sells meds, and it's not out the kindness of their hearts, we know this to also be true. Whether to take the med or not is a personal choice and that choice needs to include understanding all the effects. Caveat emptor.

January 1, 2020

John G.

We need to be careful about this. No doubt there are slimeball 'personal lawyers' who are taking advantage of people's worries, but we should also be aware that there is action being taken against Gilead alleging they knew of side effects of Truvada. I personally now have to take medication for osteoporosis as a result of breaking my neck due to brittle bones. Did POZ not do an article about this? If not please can you? We do not want to let the manufacturers off the hook here.

December 31, 2019 London UK.


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