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The Road Ahead for HIV Cure Research

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Has there been studies made that tries to change the behavior of the virus, where instead of attacking CD4 cells, it will attack other types of cells. Could they create a virus that can attack itself or something? Then use it as an antiviral drug

October 28, 2018


Just a quick note to say thanks for this summary article. It so beautifully captures the research on where things 'are At right now

September 13, 2018


Nick44, that might be so, but I wonder if the CCR5 Receptors have a positive function somewhere in our Immune System... Maybe they don't... Anyway, after reading this article I find it even more intriguing how come HIV seems to be this so very slippery customer for our scientists to deal with. Has there ever been a more difficult thing to attempt to deal with? Well, I suppose that Herpes isn't curable either.. So, perhaps my perplexion bordering on incredulity regarding HIV isn't so warranted...

September 7, 2018 UK


How about we formulate a drug to destroy the CCR5 receptors. This would allow the latently infected cells to activate since there would be no anti-HIV medication attacking the virus. The immune system would then be able to destroy the virus without an insurmountable viral replication. Perhaps the key is to stop attacking the virus itself?

September 7, 2018 OKC


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