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25 Years of the Ryan White CARE Act

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Frederick Wright-Stafford

I truly Thank God for Ryan White and his Family for the courage to speak truth to power and for all the people in his Faith Works that he help heal of AIDS. Praise God for His People. Now, it is a Shame that the Governor of Florida can not understand Mr. White vision for Gov Scott has employed Mafia tactics here in Jacksonville with his Policy to beat up HIV people to beg and discipline the poor in survival of the squeeze play of his Insurance Baron Friends in not expanding Medicaid. Shame Sham

October 8, 2015 Jacksonville

Dawn Carney

Thank you for this article. It touched me dearly. I myself have been living with the HIV/AIDS virus for 23yrs. I owe my gratitude to Ryan White. It is because of receiving medications early on gives me a chance to live. Eventhough it has been an up and down journey. It also gave me courage to fight for others like myself. I am a Board Member and Community Leader with VOCAL-NY Westchester chapter since 2010. I continuously fight to keep PEPFAR alive. The fight is not over.

September 28, 2015 Hawthorne


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