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A Surprise Twist After Sanders Meets With 20 AIDS Activists

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Good article. Comparing Bernie vs Hillary, it's nice to see a man that has a solid history of supporting the LGBT/HIV commmunity in areas of civil rights and equal protection whereas the latter flipped flopped her position which shows inconsistency. Also, the one wanting universal health care coverage compared with the other's "Affordable". Laslty, the AIDS activists that "feel" taken advantage, welcome to the club, ASO's been doing it for years to the marginalised poz populations. Wah, wah!

June 1, 2016 Washington DC


I hate to repeat myself, but I just don't trust Bernie. He has a history of not following through with promises and his statements on LGBT issues have only come at the prod and push of activists. Can anyone name an instance where he has come out and mentioned LGBT issues on his own? I can't remember any.

May 31, 2016 Spokane, nWA


There is no surprise here. Sanders has used elements within the LGBT Community as tools for far too many years with resultant votes for him,and getting nothing back. Yet some people continue to be fooled by him. He has no real interest in HIV issues and less in the LGBT Community. Hillary Clinton has proven time and again that she is the LGBT Peoples friend and advocate, has consistently spoken out against Big Pharma's price gouging in all live sustaining medications,and HIV Meds in particular.

May 31, 2016 Burbank VA


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