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Second Man Contracts Rare HIV Strain While Adhering to PrEP

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Stop making this so complicated, dramatic and tragic. A $20000/yr pill doesn't seem to be a solution. Not what you want to hear? Tough. For the VAST majority of cases, HIV is completely preventable. Take it from a 55 yo man who's been HIV poz for over 30 years (yes, I was stupid then) - only have SAFE sex and don't use illegal drugs with shared needles. It's that simple. Really.

February 7, 2017

Denis LeBlanc

The Odds are still very favourable for PreP. Two cases is very few when compared to taking no precautions, or even compared to condoms which break from time to time.

December 7, 2016 Ottawa Canada


In the 80's our government leaders said the reason we were dying was because we wouldn't stop having sex, and some suggested we be quarantined. Do we in the gay community want to be the moral police remembering that sort of slut shaming en masse? Lets focus on the fact that while PREP is not perfect, it can prevent transmission. If you are on PREP, be rigorously honest with your physician. By knowing why PREP fails, better protection methods can be developed.

November 15, 2016 Los Angeles

Shane McGoo

I am surprised at the negative sentiment in the comments on this article about the best HIV prevention treatment to come along since 1995 when the AART meds were introduced For the first time since the epidemic began in 1981, the PreP treatment might actually be able to prevent a significant number of new HIV cases. Regardless of whether men who have sex with men use a condom or not, if PreP will help to reduce the overall HIV infection rates, then I think it should definitely be used.

November 4, 2016

David Ostrow

I find the entire discussion of why MDRI strains of HIV will remain very rare among men adhering to PrEP but not using condoms, despite the two documented cases described here, falsely reassuring and against the common sense that PrEP is NOT PROTECTIVE AGAINST TRANSMISSION OF ALL MUTATIONS OF THE VIRUS AND IS, IN FACT, A RELIABLE WAY TO SELECT FOR AND DISSEMINATE DRUG-RESISTANT HIV! Despite the cautions that should accompany anyone being put on PrEP, this article falsely promotes condomless sex.

October 26, 2016 Chicago, IL


I'll never understand people who won't use condoms or use prep correctly - with condoms. There is so much at stake. It's true the new HIV meds are incredible, but HIV has shown in very recent studies to still cause damage in tissues in the body even if undetectable in the blood - creating higher cancer and other disease risk etc. Use condoms, be careful who you have sex with and protect your health.

October 21, 2016

30-plus years

And the new epidemic begins with the barebacking. Some haven't learned anything. And if I'm slut shaming, who cares. This is completely irresponsible. I lost my 3 best friends in wave 1. For what? I travel this life alone. I'm not sure I could find sympathy for irresponsible.

October 20, 2016 Philly


I am concern about this PrEp failure. I see a lot of gay men looking for sex in this hookup apps and in Craig list, they look to have unprotected sex with other men just because they are on PrEp. To me this sounds very risky because there are many mutations of HIV around the world and being that this men want to have unprotected sex with as many people as they can find. Would this risky behavior force HIV into mutating in something worst? People needs to start being responsible.

October 20, 2016


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