A self-lubricating condom that could possibly eliminate the need for lube during intercourse is in development.


Publishing their findings in Royal Society Open Science, researchers previously developed and optimized a technique by which the surface of a condom is coated with a thin layer of polymers that absorb water, rendering it slippery to the touch. 


Lab testing indicated that the coating yielded a reduction in condom-surface friction approximately equivalent to that achieved by adding a personal lubcricant to a standard condom.


The study authors had 33 participants touch the surface of the self-lubricating condom and share their impressions via a survey. Overall, these individuals’ responses indicated a strong correlation between their perception of the condom’s slipperiness and the actual friction as measured by a machine.


Seventy-three percent of the participants said they would prefer the self-lubricating condom to traditional condoms. Study members said such a new type of condom would increase their likelihood of using latex protection during sex.


Such a coating shows potential to be an effective strategy for decreasing friction-associated pain, increasing user satisfaction and increasing condom usage,” the study authors concluded.


To read the study abstract, click here.