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Gay and Bi Men With HIV See Rising Sexually Transmitted Hepatitis C

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Robert Brandon Sandor

This is GOOD news. Because I warned them (the HIV agencies, organizations, "experts" & "professionals") that this would happen if they refuse to address the Bare Backing issue. They turned their backs.(Visit / RESOURCES then click on New York State Dept of Health) Therefore, I took action & WHY are HIV-negative gay youth hated and bullied for being HIV-negative? And WHERE are the HIV-negative support groups?

October 16, 2015 New York City


After years of encouraging bareback sex amongst the larger negative population with premises like "everything else is curable", this magazine has no authority to put condoms on positive men alone. Advocate solutions for everyone, or admit your contempt for the people who share a label with your title. Two tier sexual health is a classist, serophobic abomination, destined for failure. The very least this magazine can do is work to find a solution to a problem it helped create.

September 13, 2015 Collinsville, IL

Seymour Akshun

Sadly this is old news as it has already been identified by Mark Danta and others in London as early as 2002. Even more disapointingly, it fails to identify the main means of transmission, which are fisting, sex parties and sharing sex toys. A concered education campaign is desperately needed but people at risk need accurate information to modify their behaviour and keep themselves safe. Use of condoms will not do it.

September 12, 2015 Sydney


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