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The Sinus Monologues

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A few years ago I started to develop sinus infections. I would get treated with anitbiotics. My last sinus infections took 3 regimens of antibiotics back to back in order to clear it up. Now I do a sinus flush with sea salt every morning and use nasonex daily, sometimes I'll do the nasal flush in the evening also, if I feel the need....I have not had a sinus infection since starting this practice over two years may be worth a try....

February 5, 2009 Buffalo


Great Article. I have been doing a lot of the above for a long time, the validation was good and I learned a couple of things. Breathing is like your spine. It can make you or break you. THANK YOU.

January 31, 2009 Las Vegas


Emcur saline nasal douche is very good for cleaning out sinuses and the kind of product to use after a flight.

January 31, 2009 London


I am so grateful for this article! I have suffered with chronic sinusitis for several years now. After many trips to my primary doc and to specialists with no significant suggestions for me to get better, I'm happy to see that I am not alone! Thanks for the tips in combating sinusitis!

January 29, 2009 Oakland, CA


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