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SLIDESHOW: Meet the 13 Long-Term Survivors of “Desert Migration”

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I was infected in the early 1980s. And got the "you might live a year or so" talk. I never obsessed about it and kept on keeping on, but didn't expect to make it past 30. Almost all my friends from that time are gone. I have done well despite the odds but not without some challenges along the way.

August 6, 2016


I think films and slide shows like this may be so mobile that they could be shown in art centres all over the world for art and educational purposes. This slide show and the accompanying quotes really express things very well. By the way,, can you please add a thumbs up option at the end of articles so we can show our appreciation? More readers would do so by a simple thumbs up than commenting.

July 5, 2016 UK


I often tell new friends that the AIDS era of the 80's was our Vietnam. I lost so many people my age, so many friends. We basically lost most of an entire generation of gay men. Had I known I would live so long I would have made better choices. I quit school and gave into despair and drug addiction, then didn't die despite losing two partners. I look forward to seeing the film.

July 1, 2016 Midwest


We are one together telling our stories! Being a LTS is like someone reaching inside your body & taking your heart & soul but at the same time dealing with your own health! Why are we still here? I've asked myself that question so many many times / outliving everyone. This story needs to be told across this country & the glove , especially the big cities where we reside. We were never given any attention until the past year or so. Looking forward to this film TC/ NYC

June 30, 2016 NYC


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