“Know your body. It’s important to get educated not just about HIV, but health in general.”
Byanca Parker
Dallas, Texas
Positive since 1993

Byanca ParkerWade Griffith

“Take control of HIV; don’t let HIV take control of you. There is life after an HIV diagnosis. Seek treatment and live it.”
Marcus McPherson
Crystal Springs, Mississippi
Positive since 2012

Marcus McPhersonCourtesy of Marcus McPherson

“I advocate for what I need because I am supposed to have it. I deserve it.”
Mechelle Jones
New York City
Positive since 1995

Mechelle JonesGrant Delin

“In the beginning I was very scared. It was hard; there wasn’t anyone I could talk to. But I became more knowledgeable about HIV and things really started to change.”
Andrew Ballard
Alexander City, Alabama
Positive since 2003

Andrew BallardStephen Devries

“It’s so important to be an advocate in your own health care and arm yourself with information. If you don’t understand something, ask questions until you do.”
Suzan Meredith
Louisville, Kentucky
Positive since late ’80s

Suzan MeredithCourtesy of Suzan Meredith

“Once I became empowered, I began to make better decisions regarding my treatment. I asked my doctors the hard questions; I did my own research and decided to take ownership of my disease and how it affects me.”
Guy Anthony
Washington, DC
Positive since 2005

Guy AnthonyCourtesy of AIDS.GOV/Project Spin