The North Dakota HIV Awareness Walk debuted September 4 in Fargo, marking the first event of its kind in the state, reports WDAY/ABC.

The North Dakota Community Planning Group (NDCPG) spearheaded the event along with Family Healthcare and the North Dakota Department of Health, according to Grand Forks Herald.

Ryan Braunberger, community cochair of NDCPG, said over 100 people attended the walk in Island Park, which will be held again next year.

The goal, Braunberger told WDAY, was to fight stigma by getting people to talk about the virus and to educate people about the facts and myths surrounding the epidemic. To that end, yard signs were posted along the walk spelling out information about HIV.

You can learn more on the NDCPG Facebook page here.

In related news, AIDS walks have been a vital way to raise funds and awareness since the epidemic’s beginnings in the 1980s, but in recent years, some groups have changed the name of the events to reflect the reality that an increasing number of people today live with HIV rather than AIDS. For example, as POZ reported in 2014, the AIDS Walk Washington, DC, changed its name to The Walk to End HIV.