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What Is Successful Aging With HIV/AIDS?

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I agree with what Robert has to say in his comment, and Yuri said the Major reason for my luck is simple. I never took, until the latest, any HIV drug in full dose.' After 30.5 years being Positive, I to a large part agree with what they have said, my experience is that the more you know about your own body, and can take the lead in your own medical care, The better off you'll be.

October 23, 2020 Ohio

Yuri G.

I was diagnosed when the HIV+ test was first used, in 1985. Claims of earlier diagnoses are fantasies. I have not had any major HIV-related illnesses. Also during this 36-year period I got rid of Hep C which I must have gotten around the same time as HIV+, probably due to intravenous drug use. Major reason for my luck is simple. I never took, until the latest, any HIV drug in full dose. Never had to deal with blood in my urine from Crixivan, or humps, or major unpredictability of Norvir. 72 now.

September 21, 2020 New York

Benny Cox

October 2020 will make 33 years that I have been HIV+. I tested negative in January 1987 but positive in May 1988, knowing what had only occurred in October of 1987 i9s how I count my time as HIV+. I am 68.5 years old and plan to work past age 70. I have never been ill with anything connected to HIV. I have been on 'monotherapy' since 1990. AZT, then Crixavan, Combivir, Kaletra, (blank), Odefsey, now Juluca. Very healthy, though I should lose 10-15 lb! I never THINK about HIV, I just LIVE!

September 10, 2020 Daytona Beach, Fl


I am 73, diagnosed in 1985. I never let myself believe that I would succumb to AIDS, but did accelerate my timelines to achieve my goals, career and financially. And I immediately started the only med at the time AZT. Certainly I have experienced many unpleasant side effects, multiple surgeries, and illnesses, but stayed focused on the future. That seems to have made aging tolerable and life as a senior quite good in general.

September 9, 2020 Washington, DC


I'm 65 and been HIV since June. 1992. I have other issues for years with hiv, but I'm ok with it.

September 9, 2020 Rockledge Fl 32955


I went through the LIFE program offered at the community center in Wilton Manors FL. The LIFE program is exceptionally well placed to help those wanting to age well and thrive with HIV

September 9, 2020 NC

Uzima 6

Coming up on 32 year next Monday. The horrors of my keep me from heading forward. But am striving to continue on . Now am just getting my GED while starting a business and working on credit. Am 50 and Positive since 88 . I do have a few co illnesses pre diabetes, hypertension,& hypothyroidism. I never dreamed of a life with my illnesses But I am now. Am Happy ,Joyous & Free. Looking forward to my next phase in life.

September 9, 2020 New York

Lourdez Hernandez

I am a 60 yrs old Hispanic woman and was diagnosed in 1988, over half of my life I have been diagnosed and the one thing I remember of the early days is my doctor telling me not to make plans to exceed 3 months over 32 yrs ago. Today I work as a supervisor in a discharge planning program helping state inmates return to their communities and stay on their medication and take care of themselves. I have successfully turn my nightmare into a Blessing .

September 8, 2020 Hamilton, NJ


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