They say fish is brain food. In light of a new product called Seacure, they could call it body food now, too. A protein supplement in tablet form, Seacure is derived from ocean whitefish.

Important for maintaining body cell mass and building tissue, enzymes and hormones, sufficient protein is absolutely necessary for good health and is crucial for preventing wasting. Unfortunately, the amount of energy required for the body to process common protein foods is almost as much as the foods provide. Seacure’s advantage is that it is predigested, requiring little effort for the body to use it.

Created through a naturally derived fermentation process without using heat or chemicals, Seacure contains protein fragments made up of short chains of amino acids, or peptides. These are easily broken down and taken into the body, giving Seacure a 98 percent absorption rate.

Jacqueline Haught, a New York City acupuncturist who works with many PWAs, says: “Seacure has helped lessen many of my clients’ weight-loss and malabsorption problems. Every client who has tried it has experienced some benefit, without negative side effects.” Carlsbad, New Mexico PWA Larry Cory says, “Seacure has helped me keep my weight stable and increased my energy.”

At $40 per month, Seacure is available through alternative health practitioners or directly from the supplier (phone: 303.766.8545; website: Quicker than casting a line and waiting for a bit, Seacure is the easiest way to catch the benefits of fish.