The first of three presidential debates is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3, at the University of Denver. With the 2012 election only weeks away—just a reminder: it’s Tuesday, November 6—are you ready to cast your ballot for the next president of the United States? Although Obama signed the Affordable Care Act back in 2010, its implementation will greatly depend on which candidate wins this election. And regardless of whether you’re voting for Obama or Romney, a range of federal, state and local races have implications for people living with HIV. So POZ encourages everyone to get out and vote—your health depends on it. 

 We recently polled our readers about the upcoming 2012 election. Here are your responses: 

 93% of you are registered to vote. 

 What party are you registered with? 
63%  Democrat 
9%  Republican 
15%  Independent 
4.5%  Other 
8.5%  None 

 90% of you voted in the last election. 

 94% of you are planning to vote in 2012. 

 6% of you have not yet decided which presidential candidate to vote for. 

 40% of you have campaigned for a candidate in the past. 

 32% of you are actively campaigning for your presidential candidate. 

 14% of you are actively campaigning for other political candidates. 

 Top 3 Issues When Considering a Presidential Candidate: 

  • Health care
  • Economy
  • Human rights
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