Taking care of your overall health and well-being is just as important as taking your HIV meds. POZ recently asked about your health habits. Here are your responses.

How is your overall health?
20%     Excellent
54%     Good
23%     Fair
3%       Not good

How is your mental health?
19%     Excellent
47%     Good
26%     Fair
8%       Not good

How well do you manage stress?
23%     Very Well
60%     Moderately Well
17%     Not Very Well

How would you describe your eating habits?
24%     Excellent
46%     Good
24%     Fair
6%       Not good

60% of you generally get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

14% of you are underweight.
43% of you are average weight.
35% of you are slightly overweight.
8% of you are significantly overweight.

How often do you exercise each week for at least 20 minutes?
26%     Less than once per week
23%     1–2 times per week
29%     3–4 times per week
22%     5–7 times per week

Source: January/February 2015 POZ