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Full Disclosure

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The last person I told, asked me to leave his house with an "I don't want that in my life," The 2nd to last person stopped talking to me. You gloss over this issue like it's a non-issue and in fact so many of us are isolated by the stigma. The only thing worse is the condescending "Oh, um, it's ok. U can live a long healthy life." F*&K YOU! SPARE ME! Sontag puts it well. "HIV+ people suffer a social death that precedes the physical one." This disease SUCKS! But 2morrow is a new day.

January 29, 2013


I've always tried being 100% honest & upfront with sexual partners, but how does someone remain honest when so many guys, gay, bi, dl, choose to be mean about my status, and yet head down to the local adult bookstores or post/reply on craigslist and not care about the risks they take. Plus, I prefer to be honest online in my profiles, but if I choose to go out to a cruising spot, I get singled out as the one who is poz and have been talked about behind my back. Makes me want to lie about it.

January 17, 2013 Greensboro


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