Survey SaysMost people living with HIV experience side effects from their HIV meds at one time or another. It’s important to talk to your health care provider if side effects are bothering you, especially if they are making it difficult to adhere to your meds. POZ asked you to tell us about your side effects and how they affect your life. Here are your responses:

How much do side effects affect your day-to-day life?
33%     A lot
46%     Somewhat
21%     Not at all

What have you done to alleviate side effects?
48%     have taken prescription drugs
45%     changed your lifestyle
35%     have taken over-the-counter drugs
26%     used marijuana (medical or otherwise)
24%     used herbal or other alternative remedies

The Top 4 Reported Side Effects
1.    Fatigue or loss of energy
2.    Difficulty sleeping
3.    Depression
4.    Pain, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet

Have you ever switched or stopped your HIV meds because of side effects?
45%     Yes
55%     No

Have your side effects ever prevented you from working for any length of time?
53%     Yes
47%     No

Were you worried about potential side effects before you started HIV meds?
67%     Yes
33%     No

Are you worried about potential long-term side effects of HIV meds?
72%     Yes
28%     No