The Syringe Access Fund (SAF) has awarded 46 grants, totaling about $2 million, for syringe exchanges and other programs working to prevent the transmission of HIV, hepatitis C and other blood-borne illnesses among intravenous drug users.

SAF is a joint funding initiative of the Irene Diamond Fund, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Levi Strauss Foundation and the National AIDS Fund.

Grant recipients include the Harm Reduction Coalition, the New York City AIDS Housing Network, the AIDS Community Research Consortium and Physicians for Human Rights.

SAF, founded in 2004, is the country’s largest private supporter of syringe exchange programs. While President Barack Obama recently lifted the ban on using federal funding for syringe exchange programs, the organization says financial support from the private sector remains vital.

“There is still a need to ensure that federal and state resources begin to flow, and that state and local policymakers address policy barriers that impede the implementation of programs at a community level.”

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