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Having Taken Older HIV Meds Is Tied to Diabetes in Those 50 and Up

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In February I will have my 29th anniversary living with HIV/AIDS. I of course was on many of the older meds and in 2016 while at a Conference I ended up in the ER and found out I was diabetic. I believe the older meds may contributed but I also believe my Dr. played a role knowing that I had a family history of diabetes and she put me on Triumeg three months before my diabetes diagnosis and that med is known to cause diabetes.

January 23, 2018 Nashville, TN


Having developed not only Diabetes but pancreatitis and having taken more than one of the medications mentioned, I have always believed that they caused my pancreas-related problems. The problem is, my mom was a type 2 diabetic, so my chances were already 50/50. While I wish I wasn't diabetic, I'm very happy that my early treatment allowed me to still be here 30 years later. And since starting insulin, my energy has come back and I feel like a human again.

January 19, 2018 Midwest


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