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A Day to Call Our Own

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I have been positive for 38 years. Have never been on any medications. Non detectable. I was with a partner that wad always in and out of hospital before they mentioned HIV. We always had sex when he wad sick. I’m still very healthy at 65 years.

June 5, 2018 Kansas City Missouri

Brad in Atlanta

Taz, thanks for sharing & the attention you are bringing to survivor's struggles. I tested HIV+ in May 1986 at 29. In August I will turn 60. That is over half my life! I am surviving but not really living. I'm ready to grow yet see few options for any security or support in the future. I hope the awareness for those of us with limited means who survived will bring more attention to our plight. AIDS organizations offer little support. We need help to reinvent a life in a youth obsessed culture.

May 30, 2016 Atlanta, GA

simbarashe Kakono

I have been involved in the fight against Hiv and Aids since 1990 in Zimbabwe.I'm not HIV+, but I have participated in shaping AIDS education curricula and in community groups and organisations that championed awareness and education about the pandemic in Zimbabwe.I was stigmatised and labeled on numerous occasions.Many would question my seronegativity. They thought I was faking my serostatus.But I was not because I have been a blood donor since 1985, I know my status.Long live Aids survivor

July 12, 2014 harare


Your comments about PTSD are very interesting. As a person who has been living with aids for 29 years, I have also been recently going through severe depression and mood swings. Until I read your story, I thought I was the only person reacting to my situation in this manner. Thanks for sharing your story.

June 9, 2014 North Carolina

Douglas Shivers

I like to say bravo! I enjoyed the message of this article. I have felt and said many of the same things that was printed in this article. I have always felt there was a reason for my survival and others. So, thanks for kicking ASS.

June 8, 2014 Houston


Thank you for posting this article. I am in year 24 and I have buried two husbands. I am not yet 50 and people ask me how I have been widowed twice. I have felt tremendous guilt about why I am here and they are not. I am learning to just live and like it, but this is not an easy journey. I identify with the retirement issue. I withdrew the funds and now I have had to start over, but I am glad to be here to start over.

June 8, 2014

bill mcmillan

Thanks for sharing your story and thoughts and feelings and acknowledging others. I have similar thoughts and feelings and feel that I too suffer from a PTSD. Kick ass! Bill

June 4, 2014 chicago

John S.

I will never forget the day I found out I was HIV+, it was my brothers birthday March 16th 1986, and felt my world come to a complete hault. I would not take death lying down, and still do not think this will define who I'am. I do how ever find it hard still to find someone ready to make a commitment in a relationship; and wish I could here in Indy. Thank you, John

June 4, 2014 Indianapolis


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