Who knew that probiotics—“good” bacteria found naturally in the body—would become the main ingredient of a hot new marketing trend: products claiming to boost immunity. Studies confirm that probiotics may relieve diarrhea, nausea and other ailments familiar to people with HIV. But be sure to choose high quality products containing the proper helpful bacteria. POZ’s short guide:   

To Treat... You might try... Which contains...
Diarrhea Florastor powder (florastor.com) or Laflor capsules (institut-rosell.com)
Culturelle capsules (culturelle.com) or Danimals yogurt drink (danimals.com)
DanActive fermented milk (danactive.com)
Bio-K+ CL1285 capsules (biokplus.com)
S cerevisiae

L rhamnosus GG

L casei DN114001

L acidophilus CL 1285 plus L casei
Fem-Dophilus capsules (jarrow.com)  L rhamnosus GR-1 plus L reuteri RC-14
bowel syndrome
Align capsules (aligngi.com)  B infantis 35264 
Any yogurt with live, active cultures  L bulgaricus and S thermophilus