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Tiamat the Dragon Lady Promotes Body Modification and Fights HIV Stigma [VIDEOS]

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I loved this video. She is such a lovely person. Very interesting, very open, and very lovely.

March 3, 2018 UK


Tiamat thanks for sharing your story.I was suprised at the harshness of some of the comments.Iam hiv positive and have no body modifications and I too have been very lonely and isolated as has thousands of others who struggled to find partners after diagnosis and nothing to do with body modification at all. Why shouldn't Tiamat speak about her hiv journey just because she has modified her body when her diagnosis was the trigger that made her modify?smh

March 1, 2018 United Kindom


If she's trying to 'fight stigma,' she's going about it the wrong way.

March 1, 2018 DFW


I admit that at first I judged Tiamat negatively for her looks. Shame on me. Because after I read her story and watched those videos, I totally changed my mind. What a sweet soul who has donated her time and energy to helping others (LGBTs, Hispanic, and others). And she is well spoken. I personally don't understand extreme body modification, but so what. Each to his or her own. Love and let love. Tiamat: You pushed me out of my comfort zone and put a smile on my face. THANK YOU!

March 1, 2018


Tiamat, wow! You're happy about not transmitting HIV now that your viral load is undetectable, and state that, "this is fantastic news for people like me who are lonely, alone and don’t want to get into a relationship because of the fear and prejudice and stigma that I have to live with everyday about living with HIV.” REALLY? Isn't it possible your loneliness is from the modification lifestyle you've chosen to embrace, act on and relish? Fight the stigma YOUR LOOK creates and leave HIV alone!

March 1, 2018 Georgia

Alexander waks

Please if you are going to talk about HIV talk about something that is beneficial to the HIV community. This is ridiculous. My respect to that person, but this is ridiculous

March 1, 2018

Sitting in Judgement

This person has issues.

March 1, 2018


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