Here are the news stories with the most views this year:

1. Pat Robertson Claims Gays Transmit HIV by Cutting With Rings
Posted: August 28

2. Adult Film Actor Rod Daily Confirms He Has HIV
Posted: September 5

3. HIV-Positive NY Man Loses Civil Confinement Trial
Posted: July 9

4. Two Florida Men Accused of HIV Nondisclosure to Minor
Posted: January 23

5. ’Uncle Poodle’ Publicly Discloses He Has HIV
Posted: January 11

6. Illinois Police Officer Faces HIV Charge
Posted: March 18

7. Tommy Morrison, Former Heavyweight Champion, Dies
Posted: September 4

8. Texas HIV-Positive Candidate for Student Body Targeted
Posted: April 1

9. HIV Criminalization Amendment to U.S. Defense Bill Approved
Posted: June 14

10. Adult Film Actress Cameron Bay Confirms She Has HIV
Posted: August 27

11. San Diego Man Accused of HIV Fraud Pleads Not Guilty
Posted: January 16

12. Father Allegedly Sets His HIV-Positive Gay Son on Fire in Peru
Posted: May 1

13. Alleged HIV Nondisclosure Gets Missouri Man 21 Felony Counts
Posted: September 9

14. NAPWA Ceases Operations, Files for Bankruptcy
Posted: February 15

15. False Internet Rumors of N.Y. Man Intentionally Spreading HIV
Posted: March 11

16. Aurobindo Allowed to Make Generic Pediatric HIV Meds
Posted: June 28

17. AIDS Policy Project to Launch First AIDS Cure Day
Posted: August 7

18. Prototype Is First Condom Designed for Anal Sex
Posted: May 15

19. Controversy Over Closure of Florida AIDS Clinic
Posted: January 2

20. Arizona Man Claims He Killed Wife, Adult Son Over HIV Fears
Posted: April 23

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