Here are the treatment news stories with the most views this year:

1. Misleading News Reports Suggest HIV Cure Is Near
Posted: May 9

2. Pathway to a Cure: Cancer Drug Helps Purge HIV From Resting Cells
Posted: March 9

3. 14 French People With HIV Advance ’Functional Cure’
Posted: March 18

4. Baby Born With HIV Is Functionally Cured
Posted: March 4

5. Tests Can’t Detect HIV in Two Men After Stem Cell Transplants
Posted: July 3

6. Therapeutic HIV Vaccine Achieves ’Proof of Concept’ in Small Trial
Posted: January 9

7. Stanford’s Gene Therapy Helps Block HIV’s Ability to Bind to CD4s
Posted: January 25

8. Sexually ‘Versatile’ Gay Men Likely Fueling HIV Spread
Posted: September 20

9. Undetectable Viral Load Essentially Eliminates Transmission Risk in Straight Couples
Posted: January 23

10. Synthetic Compounds From Marijuana Appear to Fight HIV
Posted: May 7

11. Bee Venom: The Next Anti-HIV Agent? A Proof-of-Concept Study Says Yes
Posted: March 13

12. FDA OKs First Rapid Test That Can Detect Acute HIV
Posted: August 12

13. Antifungal Drug Shows Promise Fighting HIV in the Lab
Posted: September 30

14. New Vaccine Clears AIDS-Causing Virus in Monkeys
Posted: September 17

15. Supercomputer Helps Define HIV Capsid Structure
Posted: May 29

16. Estimated Size of HIV Reservoir Balloons, Daunting Cure Search
Posted: October 29

17. Once-a-Month HIV Meds Show Promise in Early Trial
Posted: July 17

18. Success on HIV Therapy Means Normal Mortality Risk
Posted: June 6

19. Sequestration Hits HIV Hard
Posted: October 21

20. A 15-Year Jump in Life Expectancy for People With HIV
Posted: July 16

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