Here are the exclusives with the most views this year:

1. Possible ’Breakthrough’ in Vaccine Research
Posted: October 21

2. The For-Profit HIV Cure Research Crunch
Posted: August 2

3. Celebrating the Possibility of a Cure
Posted: September 29

4. Adventures in Baby-Making
Posted: April 8

5. The Affordable Care Act Finally Unrolls the Carpet
Posted: September 2

6. Drawn Together
Posted: July 1

7. Long Wait For HIV Diarrhea Drug Inspires Lawsuit
Posted: June 6

8. Facing Facts: Dealing With Lipodystrophy
Posted: July 1

9. Good Fortune for a Longtime Survivor
Posted: August 16

10. PEP: In Case of Emergency
Posted: September 5

11. The Case of the Baby ‘Functionally Cured’ of HIV: A Detective Story
Posted: April 1

12. The Risky Business of HIV Work Abroad
Posted: November 3

13. Pretty Amazing
Posted: July 8

14. Therapeutic Vaccines: Escaping the ’Viral Escape’
Posted: February 5

15. Call Him Mr. Vice President
Posted: May 16

16. Braving Cognitive Decline: Can People With HIV Fight Back?
Posted: May 1

17. A Very Enduring Kiss
Posted: May 1

18. HIV and Baby Makes Three
Posted: November 13

19. Making a Difference in Detroit
Posted: February 1

20. The Hepatitis C Drug Pipeline Report: A Groundswell to Become a Sea Change
Posted: April 15

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