Despite a high-profile equal rights campaign in Indonesia, transgendered people—particularly those living with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)—are still experiencing a large amount of discrimination, reports The Jakarta Post.

According to the article, medical discrimination is a serious problem for this community, which leads to poor access to much-needed health care—it is estimated that in Jakarta one in three trans individuals is HIV positive and that in other areas almost half are infected with an STI. High numbers of workplace discrimination, sexual abuse and harassment have also been reported.

To address this problem, Yulianus Rettoblaut, head of the Indonesian Transvestites Communication Forum (FWKI), in a hearing told members of the House of Representatives’ Commission IX, “We are here with high hopes that legislators will articulate the grievances of our fellow transvestites and gay people whose social, economic and health rights are neglected.”

Government officials admitted that they reached an agreement about these matters in the past but had failed to carry out the rules. A new system to address this will be implemented, assured Commission IX member Rudianto Chen.