People who used long-acting Cabenuva preferred the injections over their previous daily oral regimen. Cabenuva consists of an extended-release formulation of the integrase inhibitor cabotegravir plus an injectable version of the NNRTI rilpivirine administered by a health care provider. A once-monthly regimen was approved earlier this year, and a bimonthly indication is under consideration. Two Phase III trials showed that people who switched from daily pills to monthly Cabenuva maintained viral suppression. The follow-up ATLAS-2M study showed that every-other-month administration works just as well. People who switched from daily pills reported a large increase in treatment satisfaction, with 98% saying they preferred the injections. Among participants who switched from monthly to every-other-month administration, 94% preferred the less frequent schedule. Reasons included greater convenience, not having to think about HIV treatment every day and not having pill bottles that could reveal their HIV status.