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U.S. HIV 'Treatment Cascade' Stats Are Dismal Among Western Nations

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Well put, Michael. Having attended national ACTG meetings for over a decade, it was obvious that the "hepatitis-B/C club" was unethically and illegally running the ACTG patient representation groups behind the scenes. The "hep-B/C club" fought against early treatment studies. They falsely argued that we didn't need early treatment and/or that they were too expensive. When the "hepatitis-B/C club" installed a (hep-B/C+) liaison into the ACTG Operations Office... that was the end of progress.

November 21, 2014 Illinois


Part of the problem lies with this magazine and others like it. Poz bills itself as "a community for people with and affected by HIV", but has ignored escalating medical costs, the collapse of Ryan White and a growing failure to understand who is truly at risk. All this magazine does is promote PrEP, occasionally oppose criminalization and applaud elite "activists" who are frequently not hiv+ or interested in fixing problems faced by hiv+. It's no wonder things are bad with friends like this.

November 19, 2014 Collinsville, IL


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