People who take integrase inhibitors for HIV treatment have low rates of stopping these meds because of adverse health events. Researchers studied 1,340 people in British Columbia who started 1,460 integrase- inhibitor-based regimens between 2012 and 2014 and were followed for two years until the study’s end in December 2016. They looked at the rate of discontinuation of integrase inhibitors owing to adverse drug reactions (ADR). Those who experienced an ADR included 4.4 percent, 9.6 percent and 5.2 percent of those who took Isentress (raltegravir), Tybost (cobicistat)-boosted Vitekta (elvitegravir) and Tivicay (dolutegravir), respectively. After adjusting the data for various factors, the researchers found that the ADR rate for those taking Tybost-boosted Vitekta was twice that of those who took Tivicay.