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Trump to Unveil a Strategy to End HIV in America by 2030

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The world have already witnessed an outcomes of past promises made to the pandemic by the year 2020. Therefore, Annual goals should be set to monitor performance of the concerned parties to the goal,take corrective action wherever it possible and foster competitive environment by reducing capital cost recovery period so that the present generation may itself reap the benefit of the goal. Long term goal implicit duration of delay should last in achieving permanent cure.

April 2, 2019


hope this could be the real solution

March 29, 2019


I hope his plan to work in the highest HIV counties will be implemented. It would be great to see funding for PrEP and PEP to make it more readily available, especially for those of us without medical insurance. I’m very hopeful.

February 13, 2019 Washington


Sorry, I wouldn't believe anything that comes from Trump's mouth if it were to come Notarized. Action cost, BS walks. So far he has been nothing but a big pile of BS

February 6, 2019


I believe # 45 about as much as I believe that the ???? is flat.

February 5, 2019 San Francisco Ca.


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