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Trump’s Latest Threat to People With HIV

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Melisse flores 6273

I have AIDS for 20 years on April 16,1998. I was told I was positive. I am not ashamed to say it. I am glad that I have it cause it helped me to open up more and help other people who is just finding out that they are positive. I think Donald Trump is wrong in what he is doing to us bad enough he is a bad president. If it wasn't for these programs and help and medication we get almost everyone in this world would be sick with HIV right now. You seriously need to go out and talk to people

March 13, 2018 Las vegas nevada


MR Trump need to stop thinking of just himself and his family and wealthy friends. If he does anything to cut out the Medicaid, he has given me a death sentence and I will have to just lay down and die and I am not ready to go yet. I have been on my HIV medication since 2012 and because of it, I am undetectable and have been living my life such as I want to live. I only get $870.00 a month for my Social Security to live on and my HIV medication costs $2,464.00 dollars a month. I can't do it!

February 15, 2018 Sierra Vista, AZ


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