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Trump’s Pick to Lead HHS Already Wrote a Plan to Replace Obamacare

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I agree with Uzima6,young gays may see what we went through in the 80's,religious right heavily influence this new adm,Medicare vouchers how will that work with big pharma,will the program that help us pay for our meds disappear,will travel to act up out of Oklahoma,red states don't change ,they want to defund plan parenthood,didn't take Medicaid expansion,vote against their own interest ,if he hurts the poor and women,we'll be next,holy rollers been itching to get at us.Supreme court,scary.

December 3, 2016 tulsa


Oh well DC here we come new gen of Act up am watch them very closely cause am not dying because these fools are trying to be ignoring. I did it once I can do it again... Am ready to act up out for what I fought hard to get back in the early 90 .

December 1, 2016 United States

andrew j

These people are so off the planet it just doesn't matter! Or it does matter. Everything they propose is just the same tired-old narrow-minded crap most reasonable people spend their lives fighting against. Or more accurately - most reasonably-minded people are fighting FOR things. These people are against things ... Against the freedoms of others. They seem to enjoy causing suffering. It just about makes me puke. It really does. Yet again - How could this have happened?!

December 1, 2016 New Zealand


How sad.. :-( What makes this troublesome is Trump said he was going to empty the pool (being kind) and bring in new people.. His HHS choice has been lobbied hard by big pharma.. He is so owned that unless you are wealthy.. DON'T GET SICK!!

November 30, 2016 California


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