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AHF's 'Trust Him?' Billboards Aim to Address Infidelity and HIV

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I like these ads. It relates back to the person owning responsibility for what goes on in the bedroom.

June 23, 2015 Chicago


I am so tired of being a gay HIV+ man having so many negative labels put on me and my brothers. I also would like to know how you can put out a campaign like this about getting tested for std's because you never know if your partner is cheating and at the same time be so againts PrEP which is great if you have a partner who is cheating and you are unaware. I am not sure when using all tools to protect against STI's became more important than using tools to protect yourself from contracting HIV.

June 22, 2015 West Hollywood


This is how I contracted HIV. I have had trouble admitting the truth.... but I had an affair with an HIV+ man. He did not reveal his status at first. But when he did tell me, I was fully involved in this relationship. So in addition to the shame of having contracted this disease I regretfully also bear the shame of the affair too!

June 22, 2015 New York

frederick wright-stafford

Wow, again the left is taking a position on a Public Health Message that is harmless in the realm of adult conversation and looking down at the urban community as stupid in their mental process of action. The word infidelity is clearly not one in many urban vocabulary the key word in the ad is Trust and HIV. Truly what is wrong with trusting you sexual partner. Again, a slanted portray of a message to stir up a thought process of reality. Maybe this would be better Prep for Infidelity Get it now

June 19, 2015 Jacksonville

Donald Baxter

If we could write a manual on *worst* practices, this would be in the first chapter.

June 18, 2015 iowa city


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