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I have been undetectable for the years 10 +years but still will not have any relationship cause I would not like to give it to another person.I have been HIV + for the past 22 years

January 10, 2018 Mission,Texas


Great article #UequalsU. And, yes, let's get all other HIV infected people virally suppressed for their sakes and for the sake of others, too. My comment to follow is not specific to this article alone though. Why is HIV the only infection we use the term positive or poz for in general speak? Why don't we also use the term for Herpes, Hep b, Hep c, Hep d, Hep e, CMV, and bacterial infections like Gonorhea, Syphyllis and Thrush, etc. I think we should do so and be specific too.

January 9, 2018 UK


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