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U.K. Man Gets Life in Prison for Deliberately Spreading HIV

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It's hard to find a publishable word or phrase for this individual... I cant find one. He is a criminal. Can anyone say otherwise?

May 8, 2018 UK


Rkkjr1, With regard to your third question, the first part; I'm rejecting that. It strikes me as being terribly looksist and not in character with, nor up to the caliber of your other questions. Particularly when we know neither infection nor infectiousness to be a scarlet letter or lipstick on your collar, the insinuation of your question is ... counterproductive.

April 19, 2018 Toronto

John G.

To Rkkrr: 1) The guy admitted doing this and goaded the other guys afterwards, sending mocking messages. He told one what he had done and laughed at him. There is no question that it was him. 2) Sadly, thats all it takes. 3) An HIV+ person does not look ill. A person with Aids might. This was the first case of it's type in the UK (anywhere that I know of).

April 19, 2018 UK


1. It would be interesting medically to know the ‘transmitters’ viral load because this a clinical trial we cannot do 2. Infected after one condomless encounter?? 3. How did the transmitter look so healthy anyone should want to have sex w him And did they do rna tests to even verify that he was the one Intent does not equal ability

April 19, 2018


If this is how he was with other people during sex, can you imagine the haircut he'd give you?

April 19, 2018


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