The United Nations World Food Program [WFP] announced on Monday that it will almost double the amount of food assistance given to HIV-positive people in Malawi, thanks to a donation from the country’s government. Approximately 14 percent of people living in Malawi are HIV positive.

Prior to the donation, the WFP had been providing food assistance to more than 110,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in the country; after Malawi’s donation of 10,425 tons of maize last week, the WFP will now be able to help around 203,000 people.

“Food is absolutely crucial to the fight against HIV/AIDS, and people affected by the pandemic are already starting to benefit from this latest donation by the Malawian government, and thousands more will now receive vital food assistance in the coming months,” said Dom Scalpelli, WFP’s country director for Malawi.