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Undetectable Status: The POZ Survey Results

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My fear of sex with another HIV+ guy is that he has a difderent strain of the virus or that I will contain the super virus

May 4, 2016 nyc

Ms No One

I'm 41 & have been poz since 1999. I've been through may struggles with relationships and they all were not fruitful, all before my diagnosis. Now, I'm afraid to even date because its not about love anymore, it's selfishness. People's ignorance prevails and discrimination is rampant. I'm a Black transwoman trying to make a normal life for myself but this world has been a knife in my side since. 

April 25, 2016


Officially POZ since '94; AIDS diagnosed in '02. My last viral count was just barely detectable. Pill fatigue accounts for unplanned med breaks. Over a decade ago I was injecting Fuzeon 2x daily; I'm no light weight, do whatever it takes, so when I tell you I can't stomach one more pill I mean business. Foolishly I moved from a major city with a sophisticated community to an area where I no longer have needed the support or friendship of other Gay poz men. Dating at 55 with HIV? What's that?

March 31, 2016 Florida

Kevin L

Now that Prep is aval. And it seems many guys, here in SF, are on it the question I get asked is about my viral load. I just assume if your having bareback sex with someone they assume your positive.

March 30, 2016 San fransisco


I've been + for 18 + years Currently T cell count of 1793 (not a typo ) the highest it's ever been , usually 5-600. I have a neg partner of 2 yrs and we don't use condoms . I do ALWAYS disclose immediately after meeting someone because I got it from a partner who lied. We're monogamous but considering a third as he's much younger and I want him to experience everything that I have in my life. It's a touchy subject but he's the first man to treat me like a human and without fear and we trust each

March 30, 2016

Just Me

I was diagnosed about 16 years ago, got it from my boyfriend — he didn't know he had it. We both went throught treatment and have been undetectable since early on. We were together 13 years, and since then, I only had to disclose to 2 people and I have never had a bad reaction. And they were both negative. I guess I have been lucky. Personally I would prefer a positive/undetectable boyfriend for my own pice of mind.

March 24, 2016 New York suburbs


I found it puzzling that 36% of the responses said they were never likely to NOT use a condom during sex. In 16 years of being poz, I have never run across another guy who wanted to use a condom during sex. So either my years of experience go against the norm, or some people were not completely honest on the survey. With a negative partner it's a different story.

March 24, 2016 Los Angeles


I'm undetectable with 460 T-Cells. I've been HIV+ since December 1985. I no longer get into penetration, and everything else is safe. Question: In view of this scenario, should I disclose I'm HIV+ to a potential sex partner? Thank you, Luis

March 24, 2016 Boston, MA 02115


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