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Universal HIV “Test and Treat” Linked to Lower Transmission in Botswana

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HIV Since 1995

VMMC = MALE GENITAL MUTILATION. Despite the fact that MALE GENITAL MUTILATION has been shown not to decrease HIV transmission rates, it continues to be advocated. Mostly those in favor of lining up men and MUTILATING their genitals are using studies paid for by the makers of PrePex and UniCirc. Studies bought and paid for by the makes of MALE GENITAL MUTILATION one-time-use devices show benefit. Real-life shows no decrease in HIV rates in areas with high rates of Male Genital Mutilation.

July 26, 2019

HIV Since 1995

VMMC is the newest lie about the health benefits of MALE GENITAL MUTILATION. U=U and PrEP work on both MUTILATED and INTACT Males. Study after study paid for by the makers of UniCirc and PrePex clearly show a 60% reduction in female to male transition. However, studies that were done by scientists that are not on the payroll of the makers of one time use MALE GENITAL MUTILATION devices show no benefit to MALE GENITAL MUTILATION. Further, MALE MUTILATION alone isn't decreacing HIV infection.

July 25, 2019


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