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ViiV Applies for Approval of First Long-Acting Injectable HIV Regimen

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Ncmike66 about every 6 months to once a year? A once a month injection really won’t cut it...adherence. I’d adhere to swallowing a pill once a day, in the morning with my vitamins, rather than having to go to a clinic for a monthly shot. Birth control implants are 6 months to a year...why not HIV meds?

July 13, 2019


To: SINCE 1995, Why would someone schedule their vacation knowing they need their injection at that time? And as the medication is also available in pill form a 30 day supply would be easy to keep at hand. As for a disaster happening on the exact day could also win the lottery then get struck by lightening then see Lady Gaga driving could happen but. Hope it proves safe and effective.

May 3, 2019


I think it’s good in that it provides another treatment option. I am concerned about the issue of medication adherence.

May 2, 2019

HIV Since 1995

I see vacations and emergencies as potiential disaster zones. If a person is taking a 2-week vacation and their monthly clinic visit for the injection falls right in the middle of that 2-week trip - it's very likely the person will miss that visit. There is no way to stock up for an emergency. Every single emergency preparedness announcement says to bring "all medications" with you if you are forced to evacuate. Even hospital pharmacies don't carry most HIV meds. This is not a good idea.

April 29, 2019


Thank u guys u helped lot of PPL we looking forward to it cause it hard for PPL to drink one pill everyday cause others thy even forget Nd it hard if thy are going to vacation while they should carry the pills while to drink infront of the PPL daily pill is the one making PPL with HIV to remember that thy are positive Nd put lot of stress so this injection will help more PPL Nd decrease depression to many PPL we looking forward god bless Africa we praying everyday for injection to be aprove

April 29, 2019 Daveyton


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