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ViiV’s Long-Acting Injectable HIV Regimen Boasts Good 3-Year Results

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@RichardUK Brave? Not really. It's probably less medication than your daily pills. It's only 300 mg of Cabotegravir and 200 mg of Rilpivirine. Triumeq is way more in a daily pill. And I dont hate pills, but this is an option for those who have adherence issuesn and who want to live life without thinking about it as much as possible.

October 31, 2018


They are brave people participating in this trial. Results do look good though. But I'd not want 4 weeks or 8 weeks worth of drugs injected into me at once. I'd much prefer to take one pill a day. Those who would, after this trial ends, opt for the 4 or 8 weekly injection over the daily pill must really hate taking tablets.

October 31, 2018 UK


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